Hope Therapy Centre

The aim of Hope is to provide alternative holistic therapies to a wide range of debilitating conditions to enhance ones wellbeing.

Multiple Sclerosis and Hope

Multiple Sclerosis is a progressive disease of the nervous system in which areas of myelinated nerve fibres in the brain and/or spinal cord are damaged by leaking blood vessels.  This causes symptoms ranging from numbness and tingling to paralysis and lack of co-ordination.  Following research carried out in the 70’s, it was discovered that approximately 50% of people with M.S benefitted from Oxygen treatment (O2T)

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Treatment (O2T)

This consists of breathing pure oxygen whilst being subjected to air pressure above that of normal atmospheric pressure.  The session usually lasts for an hour and is normally taken twice per week.  Benefits can include;  improved mobility, improved speech, better control of incontinence, improved eyesight and a general feeling of wellbeing.

Physiotherapy services

The service offered by the NHS is very limited, so we extended our facility to include physiotherapy.  Our therapists are fully qualified to assess and develop a tailor made treatment plan specifically for you which may extend beyond your session here at Hope.  We have a wide range of modern equipment developed precisely to enhance your treatment.